Romeo ja Julia

Anneli Porri, Indrek Sirkel (ed.)


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Published on the occasion of the group exhibition “Romeo and Julia”. The works in the exhibition are all objects which by making use of everyday commodities or familiar materials deal in one way or another with the notion of ready-made.


The book includes works by Kristiina Hansen, Tõnis Kenkmaa, Laura Kuusk, Johannes Säre, Triin Tamm, Laura Toots, Anu Vahtra, Ånond Versto and Sigrid Viir. Texts are written by Anneli Porri and Kristiina Hansen, interviews with the artists by Laura Toots.


exhibition catalogue

104 pp

105 x 140 mm

hard cover

edition 400

offset printing

in Estonian

texts: Anneli Porri, Kristiina Hansen, Laura Toots

design: Indrek Sirkel

lithography: Marje Eelma

ISBN 978-9949-9391-2-1