Mari Laanemets

(b. 1975) is an Estonian art historian, curator and artist based in Köln. She wrote her Ph.D. at the Institute of Art History at the Humboldt University Berlin on artistic practice in Eastern Europe and is the author of numerous essays on contemporary art. Mari Laanemets is co-founder of Valie EXPORT Society in 1999 and she has been working with Killu Sukmit since 1997 on various video productions. 

Neeme Külm

(b. 1974) is an Estonian artist based in Tallinn. Through his work he aims to challenge and confront the viewer through political, locational or topical issues. Employing a wide range of media from sculpture to performance, his works are often interventional, rather than object-based and question the nature of contemporary existence. Külm studied Sculpture at the Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn and has exhibited extensively in Tallinn and Europe.